• Full Name:Doctor Freddy (Doctor)(Doc in Revelation Chapter 7):
    234px-Halo3 Spartan-purple-dual

    Doctor as he looks in Spartans vs Elites.

  • Voice Actor: Kim Simpsion
  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Seasons: All Seasons.
  • Status: Died (Febuary 12th 2793)


Doctor, One of the Spartans team on Spartans vs Elites, Knowned as the Tough, Faithful, Purple Spartan. His Voice in the Video is played by Kim Simpsion.Doctor is Smart and Intelligent. He is best friends with Text and Snake. He joined the Spartan team in 2790. He usally has an DMR and a Pistol. He Came to Earth on the UNSC ship with Griff, Metal, Donut, Snake, and Text. His name is Doctor because mostly of his help for spartans when there injure. His Childhood remains a secret.

How he joined the Spartan TeamEdit

Doctor joined the Spartan team in 2790 (repeated) on November 23rd. They picked Doctor because of his high marks in his grade and good weaponest. They picked him put from the planet Galatise II and went to Earth. Doctor wasnt a normal human believe it our not. He was made by Professor Gavin in 2756 with a human mind by his son Freddy who died. Doctor died on Febuary 12th 2793 by risking his life to protect the spartan team for crashing into Halo Base. He was remembered by keeping his mind in a top secret lab.

Interesting Facts about DoctorEdit

1. He was named "Doctor" because of his fast surgery for reparing humans.

2. Doctor isnt a human, he's a robot.

3. Doctors best friend is Text.

4. Doctors hero is Master Cheif on Halo 1, 2, and 3.