• Full Name: Adam Farwest (Donut)(Timmbits in Revelation Chapter 2):
  • Voice Actor: Matthew Carkast:
  • Armor Color: Red:
  • Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Not in 8.:
  • Status: Alive

    Donut holding to Spikers and a Gravity Hammer.


Donut, One of theSpartan team on Spartans Vs Elites, knowned as the most popular and most seen on it. His voice on the Video is played by Matthew Carkast. Donut is a Retarted, Silly, Funny, Spartan. His colour is Red and he holds a Shotgun and on his Shoulder a Knife. He came to earth in 2787 with Flame, Metal, Snake, Text, and Grif on a UNSC Ship. Believe it or not Donut wasnt Retarted when was on Reach. He became Retarted when in 2789 he was fighting againsted the Elite team and fell in a well and hit his head, when he was rescued he was Retarted. Donut's real name is Adam FarWest but Griff named him Donut because of his joy for Donuts.


Donut or Adam was born in 2755 on the Planet Reach. He was given Birth by Sally Farwest. Donut loved to play Xbox and all kind of Video games, like a normal kid would. He went to school and learned and passed School, High School, and Collage. In 2787 he got a call from the UNSC and they told him to come fight against the Covenant and join the Green team. Well Donut was thrilled and packed his bags and got on the ship with Flame, Metal, Snack, Text, and the leader; Griff. When they got to Planet Earth they camped out and that is where donut has his first battle againsted the Covenant (Yellow Team) They beat the Covenant afterwards. Donut still is fighting for his life.

Interesting Facts about DonutEdit

1. His name is Donut because he has a love for Donuts.
180px-16355530 jpg size-300 square-true

A Figure of Donut on Earth

2. Donut wanted to be a Noble, but got the part for the Spartan Team.

3. Donut's hero is Emile Noble 4 from the game "Halo Reach"

4. It took Donut almost 9 years to pass high school, he failed in Science, Math, and History.

5. Donut is Retarted because he fell down a well while fighting againsted the Covenant in 2789

6. Back at home, Donut made a huge tower out of Lego, 20 stories high.

7. Donut made his own Action Figure There is a picture beside it.