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Flame with his assult rifle

  • Full Name: james Flame (Flame)(Fire in Revelation Chapter 4):
  • Voice Actor: Carlos[1]Ferlagone:
  • Armor Color: Blue:
  • Seasons: All Seasons.
  • Status: Alive


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Flame with 2 pistols

Flame, One of the Spartans on Spartans vs Elites, Knowned as the Tough, Blue Spartan. His Voice in the Video is played by Carlos Ferlagone. Flame is Smart and Cool and someday wants to be the leader. He is best friends with Donut and Metal and joined the Spartan team in 2786. He usally has an assult rifle and a Energy sword but sometimes has 2 pistols and an Energy sword. He Came to Earth on the UNSC ship with Griff, Metal, Donut, Snake, and Text. His name is Flame because mostly of his last name, but Griff named him that because he is all flamed up to attack the Covenant. It is knowned what is Childhood was like, but till 23, we know everything.

Childhood (23 years old)Edit

When Flame was 23 years old, he got a call from the UNSC saying join the team and fight against the Covenant. Flame wasnt so sure about this idea, but his Father old time that it would be a great opportunity for him. So he did it. He said goobye to his dad and waiting for the ship to arrive. 3 Hours later the UNSC ship was here to pick him up, greeted him was Griff (The leader) and they went to Earth.

Flame's first BattleEdit

When they got to Earth hey camped out, Jack and Miller cought up with them to join, Snake was on look
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Flame's first battle.

out for any site of the Covenant. Things were going good so far until there was a huge covenant ship! They got ready, Flame picked up an assult rifle and battled againsted the Coverant he killed an Elite named Ertical, and picked up his Energy sword, that was Flame's sword. When the battled ended Flame felt good, and now today, Flame fights for his life.

Interesting Facts about FlameEdit

1. Flame has a Robot hand, he lost it when a Elitle cutted it of with an Energy sword.

2. Flame's best friend is Donut.

3. Flame's hero is Jorge Noble 5 on "Halo Reach"

4. Flame use to be a farmer with his dad on Reach.

5. Flame killed Kaboose in Sesons 8 with his assult rifle