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Griff holding the battle rifle.

  • Full Name: Thomas Griff (Griff)
  • Voice Actor: Jeremy Stefan.
  • Armor Color: Green.
  • Seasons: All Seasons.
  • Status: Alive


Griff, the leader of the Spartan Team in Spartan Vs Elites. Knowned as the intelligent and best Spartan on the team. His voice is played by Jeremy Stefan. Griff became the Spartan Team leader in 2782 and he is friends with Cortona A.I. He holds a Battle rifle and a Sniper rifle in certan episodes. He came to earth when we was called in to join the Spartan Team in 2779. Then in 2782 the Spartan Team was battling againsted the Covenant. The old leader (Jonson) died by an explosion and since Griff saved many of the Spartans he was promoted to Leader of the Spartan Team. in 2784 all of the Spartan Team was dead exept for Griff by the Covenant. That's when Griff got the new Spartan Team. The first one to join was Donut, Metal, Snake, Jack, Jacob, Lt.H.A.W, and Doctor. Then later on in 2768 Flame and Text joined.



Griff abording the Spartan ship in 2779.

When Griff was 33 years old he worked at a bar back at Planet Reach in the city New Alexandia at Club Errera. He worked there until the Year 2779 he was asked to go to war because the UNSC was losing againsted the covenant. It is to be rumored that they saw Griff in Halo Reach on the last mission "Pillar of Autumn". Then when Griff was waiting he got his armor and the UNSC ship picked him up and he was greated by the Old leader Jonson. then all of the Spartan's went to Earth.

Interesting Facts about GriffEdit

1. Griff became leader because the old leader Jonson died and he saved many lives.

2. Griff was the only Spartan that weared Green Armor.

3. Before working on the Spartan team, Griff worked at a bar on the Planet Reach in New Alexandria at Club Errera.

4. His only friend is Cortona A.I.

5. Griff ones the whole Spartan Base.

6. There is a game almost named after Griff. (Grifball)