Jacob holding the Battle Rifle and Walking.


  • Full Name: Alex Jacob (Jacob)
  • Voice Actor: Kennedy Prestos
  • Armor Color: Maroon
  • Seasons: All Seasons.
  • Status: Alive


Jacob, one of the Spartans on Spartans Vs Elites. Knowned as the Intelligent and Smart Marron Spartan. His voice is played by Kennedy Prestos. Jacob is the Intelligent and Smart one and wants to be a Major someday. Jacob is best friends with Donut, Flame, Metal, Snake, Text, Lt. H.A.W, and Simpsion and joined the Spartan team in 2789. He carries with him a Battle rifle and an Assult Rifle, but in some missions he carries an Assult rifle and a DMR. Jacob came to Earth on 2789 with Griff, Text, Flame, and Snake.


When Jacob was a little boy he always dreamed of being a Spartan and battling againsted the Covenant. But before he could accomplish that, he worked as an enginer for running ships when he was 17 years old. He did that until he was 23 years old. Then he was racing with battle ships. Then in 2789 he won the international race championship on Earth. Griff needed a good pilot so he called Jacob over to be part of the Spartan Team. Jacob accepted and went on the UNSC Ship.

Arrival to Earth (Campaign Missions)Edit

After Jacobs arrival to Earth the first mission of the Spartan team was "Vokuder". The Spartans had to investigate the area of which the covenant landed. Which took place on California, LA in 2789 with Griff, Lt. H.A.W and Flame. The Spartan team had to proceed to the Spartan base in order to meet up and deliver the plasma sheilds to the Fire Team. They meet up with the Covenant on there way to their destination. Jacob and Flame was captured and takend to the Torture Chair. The Second mission was Operation JFO the mission was held by Jacob and Flame when they escaped the Torture Chair and went to the Pelican to go to their newest destination "Moscow" in Russia. Griff and the rest of the Spartan team went on the pelican with Jacob and Flame. Jacob was assined to Text for being his partner. They were discussing plans to destroy the covenant dropshield and the ship was hit. Simpsion and Kate saved the lives of all of the Spartan team by pushing them out and trying to fly the ship, they did not make it. The Third mission (last earth mission) was Flight to Reach when The spartan team had to take the Spartan ship tpo Planet Reach. they destroyed the Covenant dropshield and went to planet reach.

Interesting Facts About JacobEdit

1. Jacob is the only good one on the Spartan Team that can fly the UNSC ship.

2. Jacob became a Spartan by winning the international racing championship.

3. Jacob is American.

4. Jacob's partner is Text.