Powerhouse is an asymmetrical multiplayer map appearing in Halo: Reach. It is set in a hydroelectric facility on planet Reach.[2]


250px-HaloReach - Powerhouse

The Powerhouse as its the Noble team Base.

Powerhouse was formerly utilized to provide alternative power supply to the rural settlers nearby, but has now been repurposed to support the military war efforts.[3] The map is primarily designed for 4v4 gametypes and appeared in the Grab Bag and Arena playlists during the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta.


  • Boiler
  • Cement Path
  • Cliffside
  • Dirt Path
  • Dormitory
  • Lockers
  • Office
  • Powerhouse 1st Floor
  • Powerhouse 2nd Floor
  • Ridge
  • Rock Garden
  • Shed
  • Spillway
  • Water Tank
  • Yard
  • Abyss
  • Vaya Con Dios
  • Concrete Hall


The Rocket Launcher is located in the Spillway, under the bridges between the Powerhouse and the Boiler

The Focus Rifle is located in the Yard, between the Powerhouse and the Dormitory, immediately below the Ridge.A Sniper Rifle replaces the focus rifle in certain gametypes such as 1 flag CTF

The Grenade Launcher is located in the shower stall of the Lockers, below the Office.

The Shotgun is located on the Cliffside, near the Dormitory, on the opposite side from the Ridge, notably near Blue Team's spawn area.

The Gravity Hammer is located in the Shed, off the Cement Path, above the Cliffside.

Cool facts about the PowerHouseEdit

1. The map was known as "Settlement" at some point in development.

2. Like almost all Halo: Reach multiplayer maps (excluding Forge World), the map was re-purposed from the campaign, although the campaign level takes place at night instead of day in the level Nightfall.

3. Powerhouse's art style and environmental layout is very similar to that of Halo 3's multiplayer level.

4. The water in the small reservoir at the back of the map acts differently than other bodies of water in the game: grenades and bullets land and impact as though it is solid ground rather than water, and do not create a splash effect

5. If a player stands near the computer in Green Residence, a whine like a malfunctioning computer can be heard.

6. The bridge which you cross to get to the map in the campaign mission, Nightfall, is out and appears to be destroyed in the multiplayer map.