The sword base from an overview look out.

Swordbase is an asymmetrical map being introduced in the Halo Reach public beta. The designers have stated that this map can be considered a cross between Prisoner and Boarding Action. The map is confirmed to feature both man cannons and the Energy Sword. This map will be used for the classic Slayer deathmatch mode as well as a new mode called Stockpile.

This map has been confirmed as being “well suited for jackpacks”. It has a multilevel atrium suited for air based combat between multiple Spartans. The bottom floor is divided between both Blue and Red sides for team based game types. Swordbase also featured destructible elements in the form of smashable glass, computer monitor and other machinery. The lower level features access to a sniper rifle while the upper level houses a plasma launcher.

Included Weapons:

  • DMR x 6
  • Energy Sword x 1
  • Magnum x 3
  • Needle Rifle x 3
  • Needler x 2
  • Plasma Launcher x 1
  • Plasma Pistol x 3
  • Plasma Repeater x 3
  • Shotgun x 1
  • Sniper Rifle x 1
  • Frag Grenade x 4
  • Plasma Grenade x 4